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Saturday, May 12th @ 1:00pm

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Intro to Rollga

Thursday, May 17
1:00 – 2:15 pm
STa-FIT @ Midtown Aerobics Studio
Cost: $49.99 includes Rollga that is yours to keep;
$10.00 for class only if you already own a Rollga (Payment collected at class.)

Please sign up in advance in the Special Events binder located in the lobby.

Learn exercises to take care of your body’s connective tissue, the fascia, using a Rollga foam roller. This high-quality foam roller has grooves in all the right places to allow you to massage tension out of your muscles and create better blood flow to your fascia.

Guided Meditative Body Scan w/ Joan B

Thurs May 10 • Tues May 15 • Thurs May 24 • Tues May 29

9:00 am in The Tuscan Courtyard

Please sign up in advance in the Special Events binder located in the lobby.

If relaxation pose Is your favorite part of Yoga class you’ll love this guided body scan where you’ll take time to focus your attention on each area of the body in gratitude and relaxation. The body scan is done in a lying or seated position. Please bring your own mat or grab one from the gym to use if you plan to lie down.

Spring Club Crawl

May 13 - 19

Take a class at each of the three club locations & earn a free STa-FIT tank top!!!

Pick up your Club Crawl sheet at our front desk with more details!

Flex Yoga for Seniors

Wednesday, May 23rd
1:00 pm in the STa-FIT Aerobics Studio

Please sign up in advance at our front desk.

Cost: $2.00

Class canceled if fewer than 5 registered by Monday, May 2st.

This yoga class is designed with seniors in mind! All poses are done in a seated or standing position with attention to minimizing stress on the joints. Experience the many benefits of yoga including better flexibility, chronic pain management, lower blood pressure, stress reduction and better sleep!