Stay Afloat Against Our Aquatics



  • AQUAFit - provides an intense, low impact workout with different movements aimed at increasing flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular ability. Non-swimmers welcome. Class can take place in shallow or deep end of the pool.
  • AQUAFit Deep Water

    AQUAFit Deep Water

  • Aquafit DEEP WATER - A great aerobic and resistance training class that will help strengthen your muscles without putting added stress on your joints.
  • BOGAFit


  • BOGAFIT-offers a fun and unique workout on water on a fitmat, that builds strength, improves balance and coordination through carefully selected movements. The FITMAT platform adds a totally unique core body workout by creating controlled instability. Advanced sign up required. Additional fee.
  • Master Swim

    Master Swim

  • MASTER SWIM - Don't let the name fool you. Master Swim is for everyone - whether you're training for a triathlon or just want a good swim workout. Our only requirement is you're able to swim down and back the lap pool without stopping.