Spark Group Fitness

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Spark is a group training program that meets Personal Training. Before Spark, there was a gap with what we offered at the gym. We used to only offer our "Group Fitness Classes" where the instructor stays at the front, and the class follows the instructors movements. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, there is our 1-on-1 training which has someone watching your every move and giving you personalized coaching, specific to you. However, there was no in-between. This is where Spark was born out of. We've taken the fun, high energy aspects from the Group Fitness classes and melded them with the personalized Coaching. In a Spark Class, you are watched, cued, and helped through a workout much like you would in a Personal Training session but, you don't have that attention the whole time. There are other people in class, that you can feed off of, and still get that inclusive feeling you know and love from the Group Fitness Department. Form is of the highest importance and you will always have someone there, making sure that you're doing it right, having fun, and working toward your goals!