A Lifestyle Change Program

This collaborative, evidence-based program is designed to promote lifestyle changes for people with an interest in improving their health.

  • Learn effective strategies for losing weight
  • Increase physical activity levels
  • Improve nutrition
  • Reduce risks for type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • Address negative thinking
  • Improve quality of life

This year-long program features 16 weeks of weekly meetings. The 16-week core curriculum is followed by meetings once or twice per month for the remainder of the year to provide additional support, education, and accountability.

Small classes of 8 - 15 participants create a supporting, motivating environment, and are led by a skilled and caring Lifestyle Coach.



Learn Healthy Ways to
Manage Stress

This experiential workshop offers the opportunity to learn and explore proven stress reduction techniques. Participants will experience the benefits of these practices and learn how to incorporate them effectively into their daily schedules.

Workshops include a weekly class for four consecutive weeks.

All physical activities are appropriate for the workplace and can be performed in workplace attire. Each class offers a relaxed atmosphere to ask questions and discuss personal limitations with a yoga professional.

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